We moved to California in 2003. Gene had a job with a biotechnology firm and Ellen with California Lutheran University, both in Thousand Oaks. We had a great house in "Ventu Park", on a hillside in Newbury Park, one of the three cities that make up "T.O.", which includes Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Newbury Park.

The neighborhood was great, and we soon met most of the neighbors and felt very much at home on Elm Road. Ventu Park was a "non-conforming" neighborhood, because the city and the county interdigitated there - one house might be in the county, and a neighbor in the city. Non-conforming also described the residents there, at least the earlier ones. It had started out as a collection of rustic hunting cottages where folks from LA would come to hunt and ride horses and drink. By the time we lived there, most of the cottages had been expanded and up-scaled in California style. A great place to live.

After a short time, Gene's job was eliminated and, although there was a job offer, we decided to move to a place closer to family and less expensive. Although the liviing was good in Southern California, it was costly, and we realized that we would never be able to retire there. It seemed more sensible to relocate now to a place where we could spend the rest of our days rather than putting down roots that would need to be severed or transplanted when the time came to cut back on work. After a search, we decided on Fayetteville, Arkansas, and moved there in 2004.

Here are a few pictures of our home on Elm Road and environs

Front of the house. Entry to the left
Backyard with fruits and vegetables and roses


  While we lived there, Gene worked occasionally as docent at the Camarillo wing of the Commerative Air Force. Here are some pictures of the planes of the wing, and also a visiting B-17 and B-24 in 2004.