Fayetteville, Arkansas
The "little house" on Cleburn
  This is a small (~1100 sf) house about 5 minutes away from our home which we bought in January 2006. It is in a light commercial zone, just off the main street in town (College Avenue) and within the area slated for redevelopment in the current master plan. It makes a nice residence and has a room Rob can use for a studio. It required much work and we have some before and after shots below. No "before" shots of the interior, which is too bad, as it required the most work. Rob lived here and had his studio here until the end of 2011. We sold the house in 2012.  
The house in summer 2006, after Rob had moved in but before the ADA access, railings, etc.
The living room. We removed the old carpet and refinished the oak floors. The walls are a cement-based stucco, not plaster, so they are hard to work with. the front door was replaced and the front wall also re-done with drywall. The picture to the right shows the archway connecting to a dining room. the utility room is behind that.
This is the second room in the front of the house, with a separate entrance. It was later converted to Rob's studio by adding ventilation and putting some vinyl covering on the floor.
Bedroom and one bathroom to the left. In the middle is a shot through the walk through closet into a second room used as a den and the third shot is of the den.

Kitchen to the left. It is large and can accomodate a table, if desired.

To the right is the utility area, with a separate entrance on the east side of the house.



Some "before" pictures. The house had been used as a used car dealership for a while and the yard had been parked full of vehicles of various description, including a couple of RVs.


The rear portion of the house had been added in the 40s or 50s and is on a separate foundation. It had old asbestos containing siding and old windows. We replaced the windows and repaired some rot and then covered the existing with vinyl siding to match the front part of the house.
We did a lot of cosmetic work on the interior. the only big ticket item was to replace the defunct heating system with a heat pump. An excellent decision, as it dropped electric and gas bills to about $25 - 30 per month.
The front porch has two door, probably from the time when the house was a duplex. We replaced both doors to make it ADA compliant. One door is into the living room, the other is to the room used as a studio.