Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dickson Street - the short run of bars and restaurants and other hotspots stretching from the edge of campus on one end, to a cluster of churches at the other. The "heartbeat" of the city, and perhaps its best known attraction.

Dickson Street is a popular destination for motorcyclists year 'round, but especially so in the milder weather. In the fall, there is the "Bikes, Blues, and BBQ" week. See their site at: http://www.bikesbluesandbbq.org/

For photos from the 2006 rally, click here


The old railroad depot. The local Bank of Fayetteville has a branch in the converted passenger car and caboose, at the railroad crossing on Dickson Street. The Walton Performing Arts Center is across the street.

And just off Dickson Street, life can be simpler and quieter.
But Dickson street is not just about food and fun, bars and music; there is also the Dickson Street Book Store.
Common Grounds, the Dickson Street Coffee House where we spent a great deal of time, and folks read their purchases from the Book Store..
  Also on Dickson Street is the former office of architect E. Fay Jones, who did the Thrornecrown Chapel among many other well known buildings, including some in Fayetteville. For more about his work, visit the Fay Jones page.  
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