When we settled back into the farm after returning from Saudi Arabia, from about 1988 until 1994, we owned several jeeps. Well, more than several. Most were ex-military vehicles, and through working on them, we met and spent time with a group of similar folk, the Merrimack Valley Military Vehicles Collectors.

We owned a couple of CJ-2A jeeps, a GPW, and several M-series including M-38, M-170, and M-725. The M-38 was a frame up restoration. It was pretty nice, but had trouble keeping up with the M-151s on the road trips the club made each fall.

A gallery of photos follows:

The farm workhorse. CJ2A on one of the farm roads to the wood lot where it spent a lot of time   Starting on the M-38 restoration. Body off and the adventure begins
M-38 completed. The farm jeep in the background, before the "camo" paintjob   Two CJ-2As in various stages of repair
M-170 - a CJ-6, longer wheelbase, used as ambulance   M-725 - 1 1/4 ton Kaiser jeep ambulance
The two restored vehicles about to depart to a rally. The M-725 towed the M-38 and made an excellent "camper" with 4 bunks!   One of the working farm jeeps. This was road worthy and registered. It made it to Oklahoma in pieces and sold there.
The assembly - or better, the dis-assembly line.   The kids applying camoulflage colors to the farm jeep. This jeep worked the wood lot when not doing acrobatics in the sand pits.
Some of the vehicles at the MVMVC rally in Weare, NH. Probably in 1993.