John Mooney
  John Mooney is probably the best living slide guitar player in the world. He can play (solo) the most satisfying delta blues in the purest county style but has also moved the music forward with his idiosyncratic fusion of delta blues and New Orleans street music. John lived in New Orleans when we met him and used to play every Sunday night at Madigan's bar on Carrollton at Riverbend for free. Sitting on the floor at Madigan's for hours listening to his guitar wail and scream was an experience beyond describing. John is truly a national treasure, but a hidden one.  
  The photos above were taken in John's home in perhaps 1996 or so. We were visiting in New Orleans at the time. He had remodeled the home for his family.  
  The shot at the left is from a performance at the House of Blues, David Lee Watson on Bass and Carlo Nuncio on drums. The HOB tried a brief run at recording blues artists in the late 90s and John was one of the artists they signed. The picture on the right is from our home in Ardmore, with John and Rob and Rich and Gene just "hanging out" as the day wanes.  
  John came to Ardmore to play at Gene's birthday party in 1996 or thereabouts. We had the party at "Budroe's", a local rib house. It was well attended and everyone had a great time. The fellow who set up the sound system was a local musician who, once the music started, sat at the table closest to John and watched the show. Afterward, he commented to me that he "wondered if anyone here had any inkling of what they has seen" that night. Really, John is that good. Another friend commented that the party (and John) was the "nicest thing anyone has done for Ardmore). Really. He is that good.