Gene's Family

Grandfather was Eugene Benton Andes, a machinist from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He ran a company which started out making caps for toy cap pistols, devising and building much of the machinery and later expanded and merged (with Kilgore company, among others) and made cast iron toys. Family tradition has it that he befriended Sam Hubley early in the latter's career for which Mr. Hubley was grateful through his life. Eugene died by accident around 1930, suffering carbon monoxide poisoning while working on one of the first motor cars in Lancaster.

After his death, the family sold the foundry. As of the 1960s, it was still standing in Lancaster. Eugene married Mary Elstelle McCaa and they had three sons: William David Andes, Richard Jenkins Andes, and Thomas Eugene Andes.

William was a commercial artist in Lancaster for his entire life. Richard had various jobs, ususally in sales. Thomas was a physician. Thomas married Orpha Kathryn Leach of Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. They had three children. Eugene Benton Andes, II, Samuel Leach Andes, and Karen Andes.


Mother of Mary Estelle McCaa to left.

D. J. McCaa, a physician in Ephrata, Pennsylvania in the early 1900s

Eugene B. Andes in the backyard with youngest son, Thomas
The Andes factory after a fire in the early 1900s. It was rebuilt, and that building was still standing in the 1960s
Mary McCaa Andes with grandson Eugene Andes about 1944

Young Thomas Andes

The picture on the right is from 1928 and is probably at the camp on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire where he spent summers.

Orpha Leach Andes at time of graduation from nursing school. She went to Lankenau School of Nursing and worked at the University of Pennsylvania, which was where she met Thomas.
Eugene at about 2 years of age. Probably taken in Florida, where Thomas was briefly stationed during the war. This photo is contemporary with the one above with Mary McCaa Andes