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PT 109 was one of the 80 foot ELCO boats. She was under the command of Lt. John F. Kennedy in the Solomon Islands when sunk after being rammed by a Japanese destroyer. On her last patrol, the 109 carried only one of the depth charges shown on the model, the portside mount having been lost or damaged in a collision with a dock. In addition, Kennedy and the men had scrounged a 37 mm antitank gun and mounted it on the foredeck by removing its wheels and lashing it to two 6 x 6 timbers. The 109 was most probably painted a green color by the crew. The boats operated in a jungle setting and the various green colors concocted by the crew better camoulflaged the boats when moored.

ELCO 80s were 80 feet long, with a beam of 20' 8" and a draft of 5' 3". Powered by three Packard engines of 1350 h.p. each, they were rated for a top speed of 43 knots, although in the Pacific theatre, with shortages of supplies and aviation gasoline and spotty maintenance, such speeds were rarely obtained.

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The model is to the scale of 1:32 from plans by Al Ross, Jr. Construction is similar to that of the 34, with plywood keel, bulkheads, and transom and balsa double planking. All deck details are fabricated of wood and metal, with the exception of the machine guns, which are aircraft 50 caliber guns of plastic in 1:35 scale. The model is radio controlled and has triple screws gear-driven from a single motor.