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Gene's Models
Black Navy
American Colonial Frigate Raleigh
Colonial Frigate 1776
United States Frigate Constitution
U. S. Frigate 1797  
United States Frigate Essex
U. S. Frigate 1799
United States Sloop Vandalia 1828 U.S. Sloop 1828  
Working vessel c. 1800
White Navy
      US Dynamite Cruiser Vesuvius 1895

U.S. Dynamite Cruiser


Gray Navy
      General Information on PT Boat Models PT boats of the Pacific      
      John Bulkley's boat
PT 34 - 77 ft. Elco -The Expendables
      J.F.Kennedy's gunboat
PT 59
      Kennedy's famous PT
PT 109 - 80 ft Elco  JFK's famous boat