Santa Fe, New Mexico
In 2009, we took a road trip through New Mexico, Arizona, and San Diego, California, looking for a second home for eventual retirement. We felt the artistic and cultural amenities in Fayetteville were no longer enough for our interests and had decided not to retire there.
We bought a home in Santa Fe, intending to retire in about 3 years and live in Santa Fe full time. To prepare for a later move, we sold our Fayetteville in mid 2010 and moved to a rented town house in Rogers. At the end of 2010, Gene got transferred to a new territory, which included New Mexico, so we made a hasty move in December 2010 and January 2011

Ellen did retire at that time, but within a few months had found a part time job with Santa Fe Pro Musica, a local not-for-profit organization producing musical concerts in the "off season" in Santa Fe. It was a pleasant job with pleasant people and we met some fine young musicians, but as will all good things, it came to an end in the spring of 2013, when Ellen retired again.

Gene kept working after his transfer, but gradually found the increased travel to be a strain. When one lives in Arkansas, travel is not a bad thing. But when one lives in Santa Fe, travel is not a good thing. The desire to spend more time in Santa Fe and the on-going organizational changes led Gene to decide to join Ellen in retirement. We will let you know how it goes.


Here are a few snapshots taken from our bedroom balony, which looks southwest, over our neighborhood and downtown Santa Fe.


To the left is an overview of our community from Hyde Park Road. Our neighborhood is to the left hand side of the picture.

On the right is a view from our balcony on a winter day. Santa Fe has been colder and had more snow than we had expected, and we ended up having to trade our Prius in on a Subaru for the AWD in order to get up our hill to the road in winter.


When we first moved in, with Gene still working, we realized we needed more space for an office. So we added a room over the living room, which became our library, office, and studio for printmaking and weaving. The orginal house is to the left, and the addition to the right.


There's plenty to see and do in Santa Fe, year round, although the summer is the peak music season, with the Chamber Music Festival and the Opera season running July through mid-August. But it is always nice to walk through the neighborhoods and visit the plaza. On the left is a snapshot of Frank Herrara's backyard "shrine" in the Hillside neighborhood, just below Estancia Primera, where we live, and on our walking route downtown through the arroyo. The next two photos are of El Molero fajitas and tamales on the plaza. They are there most of the year, except in the dead of winter, and have been doing business on the plaza for 20 some years. Only Roque's carnitas stand, on the opposite corner has been there longer.


Always glad to have visitors and visit the museums. Golsa and Ellen on the left at the O'Keeffe and Rob and Gene on the way to the New Mexico Museum of Art.

There is plenty more to see and explore in the neighborhood. Here are a couple of snapshots from the road to Abiquiu and one from Chaco Canyon. We have barely begun to explore the puebloan history and culture around us and plan to see more of it sooon.