Pennsylvania Trip - September 2006


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We traveled to Millersburg, PA for Clara's 99th birthday; we did a drive about in the area and went out for dinner at a real home-cooking restaurant. The chicken pot pie was authentic. Clara gets around well and, except for some days when memory fails a bit, is sharp and involved.


these are a couple of photos taken in Clara's room the day of our visit.









A couple of days later, on the big day, we traveled with Clara down to New Cumberland for a birthday party/family reunion at brother Sam's house. The Perry Count Quigleys were there as well.



Sam with grandson Billy




Keith, left, Jim right




Beth, left, Bruce and Lisa, right

Keith is officially retired but working as a relief judge. Beth is winding down her practice but still working. Bruce is an architect and planner with a practice in Harrisburg. Lisa works with him and teaches at the University


Mary was headed to Scotland for college later in the month. (left)

Billy gets some questionable advice from generally unreliable sources about birthday cake.(right)

Billy, Diane, and Clara handle the candles
To the right, the two grandmothers at the party.